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Tulchan - a unique Scottish experience
Exterior of Lodge

The Lodge

Built in 1906 and frequented by many of the famous sporting characters of the Edwardian era, Tulchan Lodge now offers guests unrivalled levels of comfort. The beauty and the scenery, the history and the heritage, the quality of the sport, the splendour of the Lodge, are matched by the warmth of the hospitality on offer.

Tulchan Lodge is one of the world’s finest examples of Edwardian sporting lodge. Constructed without regard to labour and cost, the Lodge has played host to kings and princes. Today it maintains its unrivalled tradition of comfort and hospitality.

This magnificent residence still boasts all its traditional features, which now combine with the comforts of modern living to provide superb accommodation for twenty-six guests.

A full household staff with resident chef and butler ensure that guests’ every needs are catered for.

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Trout & Salmon - Three days on the Spey

Trout & Salmon - Three days on the Spey 

Andrew Flitcroft visits the majestic Tulchan Estate on the Spey and experiences a fight to remember in the mighty Speanoch pool 


Shooting Gazette - Shooting Report

Shooting Gazette - Shooting Report

Tulchan is a famous name in salmon fishing, but as Will Hetherington discovers, it also offers some fine pheasant shooting

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