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Tulchan - a unique Scottish experience
20 club members

Tulchan 20 Club

17 years ago when Mr & Mrs Litchfield bought the estate, the ‘Tulchan 20 Club’ was born.

Every season a few lucky anglers become members of this exclusive club when they land a salmon over 20 pounds. All names are added to the members list with regular updates appearing on the website and in Tulchan News. Most important of all, members receive a bottle of champagne and a much sought after 20 Club tie.


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Trout & Salmon - Three days on the Spey

Trout & Salmon - Three days on the Spey 

Andrew Flitcroft visits the majestic Tulchan Estate on the Spey and experiences a fight to remember in the mighty Speanoch pool 


Shooting Gazette - Shooting Report

Shooting Gazette - Shooting Report

Tulchan is a famous name in salmon fishing, but as Will Hetherington discovers, it also offers some fine pheasant shooting

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