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Tulchan - a unique Scottish experience
putting young fish in stream

Conservation and the Tulchan Hatchery

The decision was made in 2003 for Tulchan to invest in its own salmon hatchery.

The hatchery opened at the Glenmore site in 2004, the estate funding and managing the successful breeding and release of 500-700,000 salmon fry annually to the Spey system, enhancing wild stocks in the burns and main stem.

For the past two years, at the request of the Spey Board, the hatchery has not operated.

The habitat creation and management work undertaken by gamekeepers and ghillies around the estate has huge benefits to the populations of wild birds, mammals and fish which rely on the positive conservation work carried out as part of the management of a sporting estate.

Legal predator control, grouse moor improvement, creation and management of woodlands and game plots along with supplementary feeding all contribute to increased populations of lapwings, curlews, oyster catchers, mountain hares, black grouse and capercaille to mention only a small few.


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Trout & Salmon - Three days on the Spey

Trout & Salmon - Three days on the Spey 

Andrew Flitcroft visits the majestic Tulchan Estate on the Spey and experiences a fight to remember in the mighty Speanoch pool 


Shooting Gazette - Shooting Report

Shooting Gazette - Shooting Report

Tulchan is a famous name in salmon fishing, but as Will Hetherington discovers, it also offers some fine pheasant shooting

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